What Is the Basic Principle of Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Brainly

3. Rewrite the sentence so that there is no problem with matching. •Rule 6: If a compound precursor is caused by or or nor (or by either), let the pronoun correspond to the nearest precursor. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. Many pronouns have precursors, nouns, or pronouns to which they refer. Circle the pronouns and highlight their precursors. Let them get along if necessary. INDEFINITE PRONOUNS (SINGULAR) Indefinite pronouns refer to non-specific people or things. •Rule #5: Treat most compound precursors that are related by and plural. Rule #2: Even if some indefinite pronouns have a plural meaning, treat them as grammatically singular.

Circle the pronouns in the following sentences. Decide if there is a problem with the pronoun-antecedent match and correct it if necessary. 1. Replace the plural pronoun with him or her, or he (or his or her) Rule #1: A pronoun and its predecessor must match. They must both be singular or plural. . Plural The committee signed the document. 2. A concert pianist must practice several hours a day. They have to sacrifice everything for their music. Neither the dog nor the cats could find their way through the maze. 2.

The dog barks at the neighbors when he enters their driveway. 1. Jill or Kate will probably get the top prize for their essay. False Every boy on the team has to do their best if they want their team to win. 1. The car didn`t stop because their brakes had broken down. 1. The Committee plans to work on its budget next week.

1. Each child who wishes to participate in the excursion must bring a permit signed by his parents. . 3. A runner must train regularly if he wants to run the marathon. . False If someone has been drinking, they are likely to drive too fast… • Rule #3: Treat generic nouns as a singular, although they may have a plural meaning.

Be careful when using one or any, each or every one. 2. If someone comes to Jill`s house on Halloween, they will be surprised. . Fake Everyone in my English class does their homework. 2. Neither the father nor his sons like to have their hair cut short. . Fake – Joan and Jim moved to the mountains where they built a cabin. .

How to correct problems with the correspondence of pronoun precursors • Rule #4: Treat collective nouns as a singular unless the meaning is clearly plural. . 3. If someone reduces the amount of fat in their diet, they will lose weight. . False A nursing student must learn hard if they want to succeed…


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